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Please allow up to 3 weeks for shipping delays
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14/18 Dab Rig Enail Bundle
14/18 Enail Bundle
14/18 Dab Rig Bundle
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14/18 Enail with SiC Dish Essentials Bundle (8056)

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This top-quality dab rig starter kit has been designed to enhance your dabbing experience, regardless of your skill level. It is compatible with 14mm and 18mm female glass rigs, making it incredibly versatile and easy to use.


With this comprehensive enail kit, you'll have everything you need to start dabbing right away. Specifically, included in the kit are a high-quality dab rig, a dab tool that makes handling concentrates a breeze, a quartz banger that ensures optimal heat retention, and a carb cap that allows you to control airflow and maximize your hits.


The dab rig is expertly crafted from premium materials to ensure it is durable and long-lasting, while the quartz banger is heat-resistant and able to withstand high temperatures without cracking or breaking.


Whether you're a seasoned dabber or just starting out, this dab rig starter kit is the perfect choice for anyone looking to take their dabbing experience to the next level. 

Dab Rig Bundle Includes:

  • CH PID Controller (9089)
  • Flat coil (XLR) (9371-110v, 9370-220v)
  • 14/18 Male Enail body with dish fastener (2586)
  • 28mm SiC Dish (9264)
  • Universal Carb Cap with Cocobolo Handle (7027-CB)
  • 9.5" Bent Neck Super Slit Diffuser Glass Rig (14mm Female) (9385)

Safety Instructions:

  • DO NOT use product for burn offs.
  • DO NOT use above 700 degrees.
  • DO NOT leave unattended.
  • ALWAYS use on hard, flat, level surface.


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