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Create your own dabs with Cannabis Hardware's Rosin Presses!

Solventless extraction is becoming increasingly popular. People are discovering how easy it is to convert flowers and hash into delicious, super-flavorful concentrate withCannabis Hardware's Rosin Presses. These presses eliminate the need for harsh solvents which can negatively impact the flavor and smoothness of your oils, waxes, and herbal concentrates. Cannabis Hardware has been dedicated to Rosin from the very beginning, when we experimented by using our wives' hair straighteners to create pure, sweet herbal oils. It only took us one day to realize the potential of this method and we immediately began planning how to make it available to everyone. Since then, we have designed a range of high-quality rosin press tools that we believe are the best in the industry. Cannabis Hardware's Rosin Presses are built to last a lifetime, and beyond.

The following Table of Contents will guide you through all aspects of our Rosin Presses.


Instructions Engineering Hydraulics Rosin Plates PID Controllers Service

Cannabis Hardware ROSIN PRESSES FOR 2024

Starting late 2018, Cannabis Hardware began listing the new generation of Rosin Press kits. These mark Cannabis Hardware's evolution in the world of solventless extraction. The next generation of Rosin Presses represent a leap forward in engineering and functionality. These address the many shortcomings in the industry as well as a response to many suggestions and ideas from the community.

In late 2018 we were able to spend some time in Colorado in a friends farm. Through testing and squishing over and over again, we realized there were many issues we still needed to address. So with what we had learned from our previous designs and this new knowledge of techniques we came back to the drawing board, only to realize the answer had always been under our noses. We found answer in our trusty 5x10 Rosin Cage.

While analyzing our Rosin Cage, we once again realized that this device provided much needed stability to a DIY set up. This cage was designed to make any press better. Our testing was done with several Harbor Freight A and H frame presses that are readily available. We found that these presses had many faults and were not stable at all. But when you added the Rosin cage, those plates were always aligned! So based on that evidence, we decided to build a frame around the Rosin Cage. Only for this we decided to reinforce it even further by using thicker rods (7/8") for stability and a much more rugged spring set.

(This video contains all the sections you see below in a single video)


We consider the plates to be one of the most essential pieces of the puzzle when it come to extracting Rosin. That's why we have gone above and beyond to design a product that will last you forever. Stainless Steel Bi Metal Plates come standard with the purchase of your Cannabis Hardware's Rosin Press. It features a bi metal construction, most of the plate is made from 6061 aluminum and it is capped by a sheet of Stainless Steel. We believe this harnesses the best qualities of both metals, quick heat transfer from aluminum and even distribution and strength from stainless steel. The plates also feature carefully placed insertion holes for the heater cartridges (there are two to avoid hotspots) and a thread for the thermocoupler that is placed near the squishing surface for more accurate temperature readings.


This part of the equation is what separates the two lines of Rosin Presses. After much research, we determined these platforms to be the best choices for these applications and herein lies the explanation.

Harbor Freight 20 ton Low Profile Hydraulic Pump

The Tegridy line of Rosin Presses was designed with the home/recreational user in mind and it was designed around the Harbor Freight system , this is the most widely available hydraulic pump in the nation. We chose it mainly for its accessibility and its affordability. This is a $45 pump that is widely available in the U.S. It is an important part of our thought process to consider the customers time and investment when it comes to service. P.S. Say what you want about Harbor Freight. Darn, we've had our own run ins with their products. But consider this, the options are limited here. You can certainly try a Sears pump, or one you can find at Home Depot or maybe a pump you can find on amazon, they're all going to run you about the same amount of money, but what Harbor Freight has that they don't are retail locations and a consistent stock. (Sears filed for Chapter 11 and they are down to 400 stores nationwide, and while Home Depot does have many more retail locations, their stock is very inconsistent [so a pump you may find at one store may not be available at another]) We designed the Tegridy line to be very modular, so if anything happens with your hydraulics, you can remove it with 4 allen screws and slide in a new one.

BVA Hydraulics

The BVA line is designed around BVA Hydraulics. We find that this is a very reputable product and company, and we want to base our reputation on partnering with the best, especially when it comes to commercial applications. BVA has a lifetime warranty on their products and service centers widely available in the USA and worldwide. Part of the design philosophy of these Rosin Presses is YOUR time. These products are easy to service and maintain without you ever having to send the press back to us. If you ever have any questions about this, please call us at 561-529-9001.


We chose the Dabpress controller for this application. NewVape had been making our own controllers for a while, but for this application, Dabpress was able to knock it out of the park, they offer a great product for an affordable price. These devices are also serviceable because they are modular in design. If one of your heat zones goes out, you can simply pull it out and replace it with a new one. NewVape has a one year warranty for Dabpress PID Controllers.


When designing these frames, we were hoping to accomplish a very rigid design that would be rated beyond what the hydraulic system's capabilities. The result of this would create a structure that would never require replacement and the best possible yields result from a rigid structure.


These presses have been designed with minimum service in mind. The frame and structure are under lifetime warranty from NewVape. Tegridy presses use a hydraulic system that is available at any harbor freight store around the country. The BVA Hydrailic systems have a lifetime warranty from BVA Hydraulics. DabPress Controllers have a one year warranty through NewVape.


Q: What do I need if i already have a press?

A: We offer all the rosin press kitsplates, and accessories you'd ever need to get right to work pressing your material to perfection.  Do you have a simple 1 ton arbor press? Maybe you're a production facility that needs the power of 100 tons to extract quickly & efficiency? You can find the perfect newVape Rosin Presses for your needs amongst our huge selection. We also do custom job order. Please contact us at or call us at 888-361-1710

If you've already got a press, all you need is the rosin plates and the heaters.  We have universal adapters that will adapt to any existing press. Attach your plates, insert the heaters, and get those flowers ready to squish!  If you don't have a press and want to step up to the next level of rosin extraction, we proudly introduce the Tegridy and the BVA lines of Rosin Presses. 

Tegridy line of Rosin Presses

The Tegridy line of Rosin Presses features all the extraordinary engineering that you have come to expect from NewVape, including our premium Bi-Metal Rosin Press Plates (available in 3x5, 4x7 and 3x10), our extremely durable and rigid frame with 7/8" thick posts and bronze self-lubricating bearings as well as the proven sturdiness and stability of our 5x10 Cage design. All this paired with the affordable low profile 20 ton Harbor Freight hydraulic pump makes for an excellent set up to have at home or for light production. 

Tegridy 20 Ton 3x10 Press

BVA line of Rosin Presses

The BVA line of Rosin Presses enjoys the same engineering and design as the Tegridy line, only paired with high end hydraulics from BVA. These hydraulic systems have a lifetime warranty and have a number of options when it comes to pumps. You can use their hand pumps, electric hydraulic pumps, or neumatic pumps with air compressors. All these different pumps are available so you can tailor the press to your business needs. 

Build from robust medical grade aluminum and stainless steel, these presses are unlike anything in the industry.  

Our bi-metal plates have an aluminum core that heats up quickly married to a stainless steel pressing surface that eliminates pitting that can occur with low-quality aluminum-only plates.  Our custom tuned PID controller delivers 400w per plate for even, consistent heating.

Get pressing today and experience the wonderful flavors and terpene transfer that only Rosin can deliver!

BVA 20 Ton 3x10 Press

DIY Rosin Press (Build your own Rosin Press)

Our passion for manufacturing has brought to a deep understanding of what it is to be a DIY(er), in that we thrive on coming up with new solution for every problem that we encounter. NewVape provides a number of solutions for the DIY(er), and so we wrote a Complete Guide to Solventless Extraction.


Q: What is a Bi-Metal Rosin Press Plate?

A: A Bi-Metal plate is a design all our own. We keep a close eye on the market and trends and we noticed that most Rosin Press competitors were using aluminum plates. While there is nothing wrong with aluminum, it is important to note that aluminum is a very soft metal and in knowing that, we deduced that aluminum will eventually pit from pressing bud, especially if you are dealing with high pressures. So we decided to cap our aluminum plates with stainless steel. If pitting was ever a concern, stainless would give us the piece of mind that our customer would never EVER need a replacement for these plates. A second thought was the fact that aluminum is a very fast heat conductor, so in the event of using heating rods, you would get "hot spots" on an all-aluminum plate, which would cause uneven heating throughout the plates surface. Stainless Steel, albeit taking a bit longer to heat up, will heat up evenly. Combine fast heating aluminum with even heating and strength of stainless tell, and you have yourself a winner.


Q: What commercially available presses are these bundles designed for?

A: Our Plates now ship with a Universal adapter, which will fit most, if not all presses in existence. However, there are very important details to consider when picking a bundle for your existing press. We recommend you head over to the blog section of this website to learn about the :"quirks" of these presses. Our plates have been designed with these in mind. 

Q: DIY Kit or Ready-Made NewVape Press?

A: The real answer will be within you and your needs. NewVape manufactures an elite line of Rosin Presses that are plug and play. They are designed with customer in mind. The hydraulic systems are not proprietary, they are readily available components that you could replace with one short drive to your local Harbor Freight store. Also, we have a top-tier press that uses BVA hydraulics which carry a lifetime warranty, so you will never have to buy a new one again. 

With that said, NewVape strives to become the biggest hardware store for Rosin Presses. If you are missing a part, we most likely have it available, if you need new plates for your current set up, we have the perfect ones for it. If you have questions about this process, we are always happy to lend a hand, just email us at or give us a call at 888-361-1710.

There is very detailed information on DIY Rosin Press builds in our blog. 

Q: What is a Rosin Press for?

Legend says that a few years ago, a young man squeezed some bud with a hair straightener iron and to his surprise, out came oil! This has evolved into an entire industry and is now available for commercial applications as well. Rosin has become very desirable as it is a solventless concentrate, straigjht from the bud. So it has not been contaminated or diluted by external chemicals and processes that could be potentially harmful. The process, of course, has evolved to create new techniques for pressing bud, pressing sift and pressing bubble hash. Each one requires different temperature settings and a dialed-in technique. Although specific information about these technique is not widely available on the web. You can always count on NewVape and all of our outlets (Instagram, Youtube, etc) to provide as much information as possible so that you can refine your technique. 

Q: What temperatures should I use for squishing?

A: Ed has prepared this start up guide for you to use as a reference. There are approximate temps and settings that will get you started. Of course, experimenting and refining your own technique is part of the fun of this ever-evolving industry!

Times, Temps, and Mesh Sizes


Mesh Size






15-60 Seconds

Sift & Bubble



20-60 Seconds

The 2x3" bags can hold 1/4 oz of flower

The 3x6" bags hold 1 oz of flower

The prepress make filling the bags to max capacity much easier.  


Q: Why do I need a Pre-Press Mold?

A: Pre Press Molds are designed to give you an efficient squish. If you simply stuff a mesh bag full of bud, there will be so many airpockets and it just wont be squished evenly and efficiently. A Pre-Press Mold will get your bud into the ideal shape to not only fit into the surface of your plates, but also to ensure maximum extraction. We make a 2x3 Pre-Press Mold, a 3x5 Pre-Press Mold and a 2x9 pre-press mold 

Q: Where are your Presses and Parts made?

A: NewVape is a machine shop with over 20 years of experience in the medical field. We know metals, we know materials. Our shop is located in beautiful Boynton Beach, FL. We are very proud to manufacture in the USA.