Flowerpot FAQ Page

About Vaping with the FlowerPot

In an effort to achieve the best experience with the FlowerPot we ask that our customers familiarize themselves with the following key points.

Fundamental Key Points for using the Flowerpot.

Use a Fine Grind: The finer the grind, the denser the clouds and happier the patient. We have made a special 2 piece grinder to achieve this fine grind. Multi Level grinders don’t produce a fine enough grind. The arm band grinder can be customized with any 3” by ½” armband. It should be cleaned weekly with hot dish soap and a firm bristle brush. The importance of fine grind can also be realized by comparing coffee to espresso where the difference is mostly in the fineness of the grind. Not all vaporizers can handle extra fine material. The titanium screen used in the flowerpot bowl has been custom made for this application.

Initial Heat Up Time: The Flowerpot requires 3-5 min to get to temperature. In the beginning please allow a full 5 minutes for the head to completely heat soak. Once the Flowerpot is hot it can remain safely parked on the stand for hours. Most customers (including me) leave theirs on all day. Please allow 5 min for any temp adjustments to normalize.

Draw Speed/Lung Capacity: The faster the air goes thru the flowerpot head the less hot it will be when it hits the material. Resulting in reduced / poor vapor production. We suggest a slow to medium draw speed for ideal vapor. This technique will take you a couple of days to perfect. The ultimate goal is to vaporize the material to the edge of combustion with no coughing. Please remember the AVB (Already Vaped Bud) can be used to make some amazing edibles so don’t throw that away.

On Demand Vape: The secret sauce of the flowerpot is it’s ability to deliver a traditional bong rip without combustion. The traditional bong rip with a bic lighter is the ultimate “on demand” experience. We have designed the flowerpot with this traditional bong rip experience in mind. Add the heat only when you’re drawing in. Just like you would with a lighter. Place the heated head back on the safety stand between draws.

Open Eco System: The flowerpot vaporizer system is designed to be compatible with all standard glass pipes. This open architecture design of the flowerpot is intended to allow customers to go out and collect different glass pipes without worrying about compatibility. Each time a different glass pipe is used it’s like having a brand new vape. The electronics are also based around a industry standard 20mm enail. Nothing proprietary.


The simple Table of contents below will guide you through all the aspects of each part of the FlowerPot.

PID Controllers

First, let's understand what the FlowerPot does and it's most essential components

Next, let's take a look at the anatomy of a FlowerPot Setup. These represent the individual parts in the Titanium path. 

FlowerPot Vrod Assembly Exploded View



FlowerPot WeedEater Assembly Exploded View



Q. What is the Flowerpot?

A. The FlowerPot is the first-of-its-kind desktop vaporizer. We engineered a system that 1) creates the most efficient, delicious flower vapor that has ever existed, and 2) combines flower vaporization with a concentrate nail which creates a flavor explosion that has to be inhaled to be believed! The Flowerpot uses a traditional 20mm enail coil and marries it with Cannabis Hardware's expertly crafted titanium parts.

Q. How can the Flowerpot vaporize both flowers and concentrates at the same time?

A. The FlowerPot has an oven chamber section called the Bowl that contains your flowers. The Bowl sits on or in your 14 or 18mm male or female joint on your glass or other devices. When you place the heater (B1, B2, B0, F16, F22, Mary, Jane) on top of the Bowl and draw, the holes that are drilled into its diffuser of the head will heat the air just enough to vaporize your flowers. This allows the concentrates as well as the flowers to vaporize simultaneously.

Q. What temperature(s) do the Flowerpots operate at

A. The beauty of the FlowerPot system is its versatility. The CH Enail Controller is capable of an extremely wide range of temperatures, far exceeding what is required for the most delicious vaporization.

We suggest starting out at 600F, and adjust to suit your taste. Everyone has a different draw rate and when you combine this with the different airflow rates of the particular glass you're using, its vital to have full control of your temperature setting. We've found that setting the Enail controller to 600F creates airflow to the flowers that is just at or above the required vaporization temperature for flowers of 374F. The dish is @ roughly 450F which is great for low-temperature dabs!

The normal operating range for the FlowerPot and our PID controllers is between 550f and 800F. There is no reason to ever go above 800F. If you are looking to clean your parts, follow the "Disassembly and Cleaning Manual" listed in the Table of Contents above.

Q. What’s the difference between SiC and Sapphire dishes?

A. In short, flavor profile. As with any dabbing surface, transparency in flavor transfer is the main goal. We feel SiC accomplishes this, miles over quartz or titanium. However, the introduction of Sapphire has brought it to a new level

Q. How much should I load into the FlowerPot bowl?

A. One of the unexpected results from our FlowerPot testing is that we were able to load ridiculously small amounts (0.1g) and still get monster rips. The vaporizer industry has claimed that vapes reduce the amount you need to elevate. We're finally able to prove it for real.

Q. Where is the Flowerpot made?

A. The FlowerPot is made by NewVape in beautiful Boynton Beach, Florida. We make nearly everything we sell, and if we don't make it you can be damn sure we test the hell out of it before we'll offer it to you.

Q. Which Flowerpot is right for me?

A: This is a tough question. This decision is really dependant on your needs. If you vape flower-only, any of the heads will perform great. If you also vape concentrates, your choice is the Vrod, which has the ability to change dishes, making it the most versatile of the Flowerpot heads. Current dish options are SiC and/or Sapphire.

Q. What size coil is best for the Flowerpot?

A. All FlowerPot heads are designed around a 20mm coil. While the B1 is able to take any standard 20mm coil, the B2 requires the CH 20mm coil or a coil that has the same specifications. The B2 has a perfectly machined ramp on the inside of the head, where the thread is, this ramp makes full contact with the ramp on the top part of the coil. More contact creates better heat transfer. The B2 was designed with the CH XLR 20mm Coil in mind. The B1 is coil independent in both directions and number of wraps (keep in mind that the less wraps you have, the longer it will take to reach optimal temperature).

Vrod requires specific coil for full contact.

Q. Do I need a carb cap?

A. We definitely recommend using a carb cap with concentrates. However, it is not necessary when vaping flower only. 

Q. What is the difference between the CH SiC Dish and the Dnail SiC dish?

A. We don't feel, see or taste a difference at all. Customer testimonials reveal the same and therefore, we feel our SiC dishes are a great value. 

Q. What is the best type of glass to use with the Flowerpot?

A. The FlowerPot system will work with any piece that accepts a male or female ground-glass type joint in 10mm, 14mm or 18mm sizes.  The FlowerPot system adds about 3 inches to your connection, so while a HUGE variety of glass will accept the FlowerPot system, we have found that the taller the glass is, the better the overall user experience is.

Q. I don’t have any glass, can I still use the Flowerpot?

A. No, you need a glass rig. Good news is that the FlowerPot is compatible with just about any industry Standard Glass Rig. To see our growing collection go HERE

Q. I already have an enail controller/PID. Can I use the FlowerPot?

A. Our coils are compatible with a lot of other coil manufacturers (and vice versa). However, It is important that you understand the importance of pinouts and compatibility when you are attempting to mix brands and manufacturers. 
Rule of thumb: Just get a 20mm from the company that manufactured your PID controller. Pics below should tell you what to look for. 

Also, read THIS article to learn about pinouts and compatibility.


Q. I have a different brand PID controller, can I use your FlowerPot coils?

It is likely that you will be able to use our coils with another manufacturers PID Controller. There are a few exceptions to this, so it is very important to learn a bit about pinouts and compatibility. If you still have questions, please feel free to reach out to our support team. 

Q. Why do I need a Flowerpot Stand?

A. FlowerPot Stands are the perfect solution to storing your hot enail head while not in use. The super-stable bases not only keeps your hot enail head under control, but they feature a few threaded inserts to further customize your stand. 

Q. Whats the difference between the Shovelhead bowl and the Panhead bowl?

A. None with exception of their looks. 

Q. What type of titanium does the FlowerPot use?

A. We only use highest possible quality Certified Grade 2 Titanium and Medical Grade Stainless Steel and Aluminum. Our factory is FDA approved.


Q. Is the metal certified?

A. You betcha! Our materials ship with certification for your review.


Comment below with additional questions or contributions to this FAQ. 

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