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Ruby Balls for Ball Vape
Balls for Ball Vape

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Elevate your vaporizing experience with ruby balls! These innovative balls create more air pathways and enhance heat retention, resulting in even heat distribution throughout your herb. This means you can enjoy larger hits and faster heating without worrying about any hot spots. Don't settle for uneven heating and subpar hits with other vaporizers - upgrade to one with ruby balls to enjoy a smoother, more satisfying experience.

We have packaged these Rubies in a way that it takes to fill our Flowerpot and Zenleaf heads, and you may get a few extra pieces.

The bag of 3MM size contains around 200 pieces. 

The bag of 4MM size contains around 80 pieces.

If you purchase one bag of each size, you will receive a discount.

Customer Reviews

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David Dranchuk

I used them for for my mini nail flower wand. It had quartz balls I really like the ruby’s. I find a nicer heat transfer

William Britt
No problems

Work as should. Good Quality.

Work great, bigger clouds!

I bought these with the 22mm "Standard" Diffuser (3408) and the B2 nut to upgrade my Vrod to the B2. The first rip was excellent, and the clouds were more prominent. The airflow seemed way better than the Vrod setup, and I'm pleased with the upgrade and will probably try a different size on my next order. I also recently purchased the injector diffuser and have to try it this weekend.

Wonderful 3mm balls

Love the 3mm rubies. They are really great. Not too much heat loss gives good flavorful hit. Thanks.

Great 3mm rubies

Hey these 3mm rubies are great. Really good quality, you’ll have a few extra. Are very pretty. Don’t know how they compare to sic, but love the 3mm ruby.