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Haze Pipe - One Piece Mouth Stem (7056)

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Welcome to Haze- the ultimate modular ball vape! Designed to interface with all Flowerpot, Zenleaf and other ball vape products, it features a titanium bowl inspired by our Shovelhead Bowl. The sleek design of this product features a CH brand at the bottom and is perfect for fitting into the pockets of both male and female Zenleaf devices. The O-rings on the single piece stem ensure an airtight seal. Please be aware that filling this product with balls is not intended. 

Choose Haze today for the perfect vaping experience! 

The Haze Weed Pipe device comes in two variants - Right Handed and Left-Handed (carb position).

The Right-Handed (shown in photo) variant has a carb hole on the right side of the base and is designed for users who hold the device with their left hand while operating the heating element with their right hand.


On the other hand, the Left-Handed variant has a carb hole on the left side of the base.

  • Modular Pipe for Dry Herb Vapes.
  • Titanium bowl inspired by Shovelhead.
  • Cooling Glass Tube.
  • Base and Stem made from 6061 Aluminum. 
  • Fitted with High Temperature O-rings. 
  • Made in our shop in Boynton Beach, FL. 

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