Flowerpot B1 "Injector" Head - (7009)
Flowerpot B1 "Injector" Head - (7009)
Flowerpot B1 "Injector" Head - (7009)
Flowerpot B1 "Injector" Head - (7009)
Flowerpot B1 "Injector" Head - (7009)

Flowerpot B1 "Injector" Head - (7009)

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- Grade 2 titanium

- Flower Only

- Coil not exposed, better heat sink. 

- Airflow restriction from 3/4" on the intake side (top) down to 5/8" on the injector side. 

- Houses 3mm or 4mm ruby balls. 

- Made in Boynton Beach, FL 


The B1 Injector is an addition to our line of "B" Series heads, it can still be filled with balls but in an injector style diffuser which opens the door to be able to use your flowerpot with an array of widely available glass bowls. 

The Injector diffuser is a "B" style diffuser, so it can be filled with balls which increases the surface area the air must travel through before it hits your bowl. 

A 5/8" screen will sit in a groove where it will retain all the heating balls. 

The size of the injector is based around our 18mm post, which will allow for it to work with a wide variety of bowls already available on the market.

You are able to customize your experience by using different material balls that are widely available. (Ruby, Sapphire, Quartz, SiC)

Using different size, shape, and material balls will change the flavor and performance of the head.

Safety Instructions:

DO NOT use product for burn offs

DO NOT use above 700 degrees

DO NOT leave unattended

ALWAYS use on hard, flat, level surface.


7009 includes:

-  B1 Nut (3227)

- Injector Diffuser (3417)

- Choice of Ruby Balls 


- 3MM Rubies (9422-3MM) - $30

- 4MM Rubies (9422-4MM) - $20

- Bundle Pricing for both Rubies (9422-BOTH) - $40


3MM - Bag of 12g. (11.2g fills up the Baller/Vrod top) (About 200 balls)

4MM - Bag of 11g (10.2g fills the Baller/Vrod top) (About 75 Balls)

*Injector style devices like this will work with Shovelhead Rev J. (1/17/22) Any previous shovelheads will be too wide. 

** 20mm Coil not included

***Rev D - Integrated Machined Screen shipped 9/1/23

Customer Reviews

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Versatility & performance

I got the B1 with the injector bottom so I could swap it with the B2 standard. Now I can use either the B1 or B2 with either bottom to suit different needs. I love the CH line of ball vapes!

Dylan B

This thing is amazing. I don't want to consume any other way now.

Roberto DeSimone

Love it, also would like to add that I've ordered from here a few times already and everything always comes quick. Haven't waited more than 4 days for anything


Searched for a long time but this is it. Consistent and reliable every time. Worth every penny I should have bit the bullet long ago and picked up some CH.

B1 Baller Head Injector Assembly

I got this during their April sale for and unbelievable price after having the BZero for a bit and loving it and boy am I glad I did. It was great to be able to start with the BZero and upgrade to the B1. Inserting rubies and SiC balls and assembly were easy and it really feels like a step up from the BZero. The B1 injector head looks awesome opposite the BZero and the performance is insane. Due to the lack of exposed coil, I am able to run at lower temps than other injector vapes. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to upgrade your BZero the B1 injector head is the way to go.