Titanium Screen USA 3/4" (3103)
Titanium Screen USA 3/4" (3103)

Titanium Screen USA 3/4" (3103)

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Tighter Weave Screen sourced in the USA.
  • 60/.009"/TITANIUM GR-1 (Wire Size)
  • .0077" Opening
  • 3/4" Dia. Tol. -0", +.005"
  • sold individually
  • clean with alcohol


Customer Reviews

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Very high quality screens

Thanks for selling really high quality titanium screens! Believe it or not they are insanely hard to find. For full melt bubble hash the small micron titanium screen is ideal in a pipe with a flame and i just cant understand how this isn’t a mainstream product in the hash world. They last for years so long as i’m able to not lose them. Gracias!

Josh G
Great Titanium weave screen

These screens are great. They fit my FlowerPot bowl great. Just popped one of the ones I ordered the other day in fits great. They always have been like that for me anyway. Only been a owner for about a year. Great machine too. Check out the MaxVapor/NewVape pid works great, so cool. Picture has been smoked out of new screen for about a week. The new screen fits and works perfectly just like the old one. You use them till they pop out, and, or not in good shape. Expect on titanium USA screen to last 2-3-4 months depending on amount of smoking I have found.Thanks for reading. Don’t hesitate to buy.

Julian Dilling
Too small diameter

The first 2 were great, but what you have now sent me. Almost falls out with the AVB, when I tap lightly.
Really annoying

Hey Julian,

I am so sorry that you had a bad experience with your most recent screen. I have sent you an additional $10 store credit to your account.