Are you looking to get the most out of your Cannabis?

Then you have come to the right place... 

The FlowerPot is the premier Desktop Thermal Extraction Device for Dry Herb and Concentrates. Our team of engineers and cannabis enthusiasts have spent the last 10 years perfecting this device, taking every measure to ensure that our product outperforms everything else on the market. Taste your herbs like a true connoisseur with the Flowerpot, made in Boynton Beach, Florida, USA.

The Ball Collection (newest) - utilizing the latest technology in cannabis thermal extraction. These heads are designed to be filled with ruby balls. This enhances cloud production and allows for further customization of the Flowerpot system. 

B-2 Head: Our Dual Purpose and Flagship Head, it is designed to Extract Dry Herbs and Concentrates, individually or simultaneously. It's intake is the most restrictive of the lineup so 4mm Rubies is ideal. Start at 625F and increase or reduce in increments of 10F to dial in your ideal temperatures. This head is modular and you can change the diffuser to make it an injector. 

B-1: Designed for Dry herb extraction. With its wide open airflow, and depending on your draw strength, may require a bit of restriction. 3mm rubies are a good solution for this. This head is modular and can be converted to an injector, 

B-0: The B0 is our Entry Level Powerhouse. This head comes to you completely assembled and is ready to go out of the box. Its low mass, allows for heat to freely and quickly get to the rubies and provides the ability to kill bowls at very low temperatures. Start at 580F and increase or decrease according to your draw strength. This head is not modular and does not have parts that are able to be swapped with the B1 or B2 heads. 

About B1 and B2 Diffusers: (WATCH VIDEO)

Standard Diffuser: Creates a larger air column which will cover more area in your bowl. Surface area of 3/4". This diffuser is ideal for convection hits but when paired with the Shovelhead bowl, it is capable of Hybrid Heating (both convection and conduction) which create the best one and done experience, period. 

Injector Diffuser: The Injector Diffuser reduces the size of the air column hitting your material (from 3/4" to 5/8") and is a convection-only diffuser. Its greatest advantage is that it grants access to a large selection of third party glass bowls in the market but also, injectors seem to provide the best experience for that first convection only hit.