Mastering the Art of the Cannagar Mold

Complete Guide to The Cannagar Mold

"The Cannagar Mold creates the perfect blunt. It burns evenly and hits much harder than a regular blunt" - Alex, CH Customer

What is a Cannagar Mold?

A Cannagar Mold is a device specifically designed for crafting Cannagars, which is a perfect cannabis cigar. A Cannagar is essentially a tightly packed cylinder of ground cannabis flower, sometimes mixed with cannabis concentrates or oils, and then wrapped in a paper of your choice. The mold helps to shape and compress the cannabis mixture into a cigar-like form, allowing for a slow and controlled burn when smoked.There are many types of wraps that can be used. My personal favorite is the flavored backwoods tobacco leaves.

What size cigar does this mold produce?

It's essential to note that the final size of the cannagar will also depend on the amount of cannabis material you pack into the mold. If you want a larger cannagar, you'll need to use more cannabis. Conversely, if you want a smaller cannagar, use less material.The Cannabis Hardware mold is designed for backwoods size blunt papers. Ultimately, the size of the cannagar produced using a cannagar mold is flexible and can be customized based on your preferences and the specific mold you're using.

How do I clean the mold after using?

Cleaning your Cannagar Mold is essential to ensure that it remains sanitary and functional for future use. The Cannagar mold is often used to shape and compress cannabis flower into a cigar-like form, and they can become sticky and dirty during the process. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to clean you cannagar mold: Materials Needed: 1. Warm water 2. Gentle dish soap 3. Soft-bristle brush or toothbrush 4. Paper towels or a clean cloth 5. Rubbing alcohol (optional) Steps: 1. Disassemble your Cannagar Mold: If your mold has multiple parts, disassemble it to access all the surfaces that need cleaning. This may include the mold itself, the plunger, and any other removable components. 2. Rinse Off Loose Debris: Hold the mold under running warm water to remove any loose plant material, resin, or residue. You can gently use your fingers to help dislodge any stuck-on debris. 3. Prepare a Soapy Solution:Fill a container with warm water and add a few drops of mild dish soap. Mix it well to create a soapy solution. 4. Soak the Mold: Place the mold and its components into the soapy water. Let them soak for 10-15 minutes. This will help loosen any remaining debris and make it easier to clean. 5. Scrub Gently: After soaking, use a soft-bristle brush or a toothbrush to gently scrub the surfaces of the mold and its parts. Pay close attention to any areas with stubborn residue. Be cautious not to use excessive force, as you don't want to damage the mold. 6. Rinse Thoroughly: Rinse all parts of the mold thoroughly under warm, running water to remove soap and debris. Ensure there is no soap residue left behind. 7. Dry Completely: Use paper towels or a clean cloth to pat dry all the components of the mold. Make sure they are completely dry before reassembling or storing to prevent mold or mildew growth. 8. Optional: Disinfect with Rubbing Alcohol: To ensure the mold is sanitary, you can use rubbing alcohol (at least 70% concentration) to disinfect the surfaces. Apply alcohol to a clean cloth and wipe down the mold and its parts. Allow them to air dry. 9. Reassemble and Store: Once everything is clean and dry, reassemble your cannagar mold if it has multiple parts. Store it in a cool, dry place until you're ready to use it again. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your cannagar mold will help prolong its lifespan and ensure that it remains free of contaminants. It's also important to clean the mold after each use to prevent the buildup of sticky residue and odors.

What are the benefits of a Cannagar Blunt?

Enhanced Flavor: The compact shape and slow-burning nature of cannagars allow for a more concentrated and flavorful smoking experience. The use of high-quality cannabis leaves enhance the flavor profile of the cannagar. Longer Lasting Smoke: Cannagars are known for their slow burn, allowing users to enjoy a longer and more leisurely smoking session. The compact and tightly packed nature of the cannagar ensures a consistent burn, minimizing the need for relighting. Customization Options: The Cannagar mold offer a range of customization options, allowing users to experiment with different strains, flavors, and sizes. Users can incorporate concentrates, or even infuse the cannagar with other herbs or flavors.

Steps to roll the perfect Cannagar Blunt


Step 1

Preparation: Grind cannabis flower and any desired concentrates or oils, mix together to create a uniform blend.

Step 2

Disassemble: Unscrew the bolts and layout the rod and pin. This is a great time to clean your Cannagar Mold. Remove the rod. Place the pin back in the center of the Cannagar Mold in the set indention. Screw the bolts back in. 

Step 3 

Filling the Mold: Stand up the mold . The mold body is then filled with cannabis. The amount of material you use will determine the size of the resulting Cannagar. All Cannagars will be the same in diameter.

Helpful Tip: Every couple scoops your going to want to compress your cannabis with the rod. The more compressed the better 

Step 4 

Compressing: The compressing rod is inserted into the mold on top of the cannabis mixture. As you press down with the rod, it compacts the cannabis, creating a dense and tightly packed cylinder. Pack until mold is your desired size. 

Step 5

Shaping: Unscrew the bolts and remove the tightly packed cannabis cylinder from the mold that is now shaped into a cylinder form. It's then wrapped in paper or your choice. CH Favorites are Backwoods

Step 6

 Smoking: The Cannagar is ready to be smoked. It's typically lit and enjoyed like a cigar, offering a slow and controlled burn that allows for a prolonged smoking experience.

Why Cannabis Hardware has the BEST Cannagar Mold…

  • Made in USA 🇺🇸
  • 6061 Aerospace Billet Aluminum Body
  • Brass Thumb Screws
  • Medical Grade Stainless Steel Packer/Pusher
  • Medical Grade Stainless Steel Center Rod
  • Phenolic Grip
  • Built-in Funnel
  • Up to a 7g Blunt capacity, fully pressed in.