Rosin Cage Bundle 3"x10"
Rosin Cage Bundle 3"x10"
Rosin Cage Bundle 3"x10"

Rosin Cage Bundle 3"x10"

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Who Says you can't Polish a Turd 

Instantly convert a cheap sloppy press into a precision rosin press.

The more precise and rigid the plates remain during the squish the higher the yields. 

High-quality plates and controller that can easily pair with any press. This kit has everything you need to get your rosin press started.


  • 5x13x1 Cage Plates
  • Precision Ground 1/2" sholder bolts
  • Bronze Bushings  
  • Rated to 30 Ton Capacity
  • 3" x 10" Stainless Steel Bi Metal Plates
  • Eliminates Plate Misalignment
  • Larger Cage Allows for Easier Processing
  • Bi-metal Plates Heat Quickly
  • Pressing Surface is Super Smooth & Durable
  • Separate Heat Control for Each Plate
  • Ideal Low-Temp DIY Setup!
  • 4 Heaters Provide Extremely Consistent Temps (9.5" cartridge heaters)
  • One Year Warranty
  • Dab Press Control with 4 Cartridge Heaters 300 wats ea (TC04)
  • 2 Thermocoupler uses a M6x1 Thread
  • Top and Bottom plates are Insulated. 
  • Available in 110V 
  • 220V available upon request