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PAX 2, 3 and Plus Replacement Screen - (2732)
PAX 2, 3 and Plus Replacement Screen - (2732)
PAX 2, 3 and Plus Replacement Screen - (2732)
PAX 2, 3 and Plus Replacement Screen - (2732)

PAX 2, 3 and Plus Replacement Screen - (2732)

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  • 3D Bottom Screen Aids Airflow 
  • Allows More Even Heating 
  • Works Alone, or with Pax Pusher (Sold Separately) 
  • Extremely Durable 
  • Made in the USA 
  • USA-Melted Medical Grade Stainless Steel 
  • Lasts Forever
  • Pax Screen Alternative
  • Works with Pax 2, 3 and Plus. 

*This item is meant to stay loose. please use care when cleaning out your oven. Again, it is not supposed to have a tight fit. 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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James Lamey
Essential accessory

I’ve told literally every person I know to get this and the pusher and we ALL agree that they make the PAX such a better experience, especially after trying with the worthless screens the PAX people throw in

Great product — but be careful with it!

This is a great product. Coupled with the pusher I believe I get more draws and less burning vs the stock screen and oven bottom.

The one drawback—and they warn you about it—is that by design it isn’t snug so it is easy to lose. Buy more than one or be sure you aren’t, say, in a parking lot while trying to repack your pax. Resin and dark flower covered stainless steel blends very nicely with the ground.

Won't Vape Without This

Ever since purchasing the 3D Bottom Screen and Pax pusher over 3 years ago, this is all I use for my Pax 3 devices. It's like night and day difference compared to the standard screens that come from Pax. It's so much easier to load and unload pressed flower pucks made with the Vape Press Pro. The 3D Bottom Screen heats faster and more evenly due to the perfect design. Thank you CH!

Delvon Anderson
Must have for pax 2-3

Provides greater heat more quickly and super easy to clean. Takes the Pax to the next level.

Tony O' Mahony
Much better than factory screen

This is a must have for the pax 3. It’s ideal for airflow and heating the material evenly. The only downside is, mine turned black after multiple uses. It also comes out with the AVB when you’re emptying the oven and its sometimes hot to the touch. That’s shouldn’t deter you tho. It’s a good purchase.