FlowerPot Heat Shield (3379)
FlowerPot Heat Shield (3379)
FlowerPot Heat Shield (3379)

FlowerPot Heat Shield (3379)

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Secure your FlowerPot Head!

This new heat shield works along side the Insulated Heat Post to ensure the FlowerPot Head (Vrod or Weedeater) is safely kept and out of easy reach. The milled windows allow for ventilation as well as a nice aesthetic touch. 

  • Made from billet aluminum
  • Protects from unwanted access to the FlowerPot Head
  • Insulated Heat Post (2943) required for functioning assembly. 
  • Adapts to any CH Stand
  • Made in the USA. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Much needed Flowerpot accessory!

The Heat Shield is the perfect height imo and 100% worth the price. I see someone left a review saying the heat shield was not tall enough if using a carb cap. The carb cap is not intended to be left on the hot Flowerpot head when turned on. Not something I would recommend doing especially with the insulated universal carb cap to prevent scorching the wood handle. I feel the stand is plenty tall enough and does a great job at shielding heat and preventing someone from getting burned. Everyone that owns a Flowerpot should 100% buy one of these heat shields. I very highly recommend buying one! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Patrick Jaramillo
Works very well, looks pretty cool too!

This thing is 100% worth it’s weight in gold(well, maybe silver)! If (and when) it does it’s job you will be extremely satisfied. I’ve had a handful of pretty painful accidents over the life of my flowerpot and firmly believe that this thing would have prevented 95% of them. I absolutely cannot recommend this more.

Brian D.
Not tall enough to protect from above

I was really excited to see some investment into making my flowerpot safer to use with a 600 degree piece of metal on your desk at all times. While this does a good job of the sides, I am really disappointed it wasn't made an inch taller or so to protect against burns from the top when the device sits with the carb cap on (which is on non-stop for all daily users I know). For $85 I was expecting something more thorough in its intended design (burn prevention), but the piece is attractive visually.

Perfection would also be the ability to swivel so the entrance isn't in a fixed location, but that's asking a bit much.

B. E.
You should get this

The FlowerPot is amazing, but let's be honest - it's dangerous to leave a 600+ degree piece of metal sitting on your table. In the past, I have accidentally burned myself on everything from the flowerpot, to the carb cap, to the hot post. This metal cage totally prevents accidentally brushing against the exposed head. You can leave your nail on for hours, and this cage only gets WARM to the touch. I highly recommend this - not only is it a functional safety piece, but it looks futuristic and cool as well.

In my opinion this is a nessary accessory

The heat shield in my opinion is not an optional item. Before having the heat shield I was super paranoid of burning my self or something else. I wouldn't leave the room till the device was fully cooled. But now with the heat shield I feel so much safer with it and no longer worry about burning my self or anything else.