Blaze Titanium Weed Pipe Ball Vape

Blaze Weed Pipe - A Titanium Two Piece Mouth Stem with Balls (7059)

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Introducing Blaze, the ultimate modular ball vape weed pipe designed to elevate your vaping experience with Flowerpot, Zenleaf, and other compatible products. Notably, its sleek titanium bowl fits both male and female formats and even offers a glass bowl option. Moreover, the CH logo at the bottom adds a touch of sophistication and makes it the perfect companion for Zenleaf devices.


Blaze's two-piece stem features o-rings that keep the glass tubing tight and suspended, ensuring an airtight seal every time. Furthermore, with a 90-degree configuration, Blaze is simpler to manufacture and more cost-effective than its older brother, Haze.


The mouthpiece features two 5/8" screens on either end of the glass tube, while the stem comes filled with 4mm balls that provide high resistance. Additionally, you can choose from right-handed and left-handed versions to customize your experience with the carb position.


To sum up, Blaze offers the ultimate solution for weed pipe vaping. So, try it today and take your vaping to a whole new level!

Right or Left Hand?

  • Right-HandedThe Haze weed pipe has a carb hole on the right side of the base, designed for right-handed users who hold Haze with their left hand and operate the heating element with their right. 
  • Left-Handed - Has the carb hole on the left side of the base


  • Stem fills with approximately 110 x 4mm rubies
  • Stem fills with 20-22 x 6mm Rubies. 

More About Blaze

  • Made from Grade 2 Titanium
  • Modular Weed Pipe for Dry Herb Vapes
  • Comes with 6mm Rubies
  • Glass Bowl with retaining screen
  • Cooling Glass Tube
  • Base and Stem made from Grade 2 Titanium
  • Fitted with High Temperature O-rings. 
  • Available in Left-Handed, Right-Handed and no Carb Versions
  • Made in the CH shop in Boynton Beach, FL.

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