Auber Enail Controller with Optional XLR Coil (9319)
Auber Enail Controller with Optional XLR Coil (9319)
Auber Enail Controller with Optional XLR Coil (9319)
Auber Enail Controller with Optional XLR Coil (9319)
Auber Enail Controller with Optional XLR Coil (9319)

Auber Enail Controller with Optional XLR Coil (9319)

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Auber RDK 300 B Enail Controller and Matching Coil


  • Rotary Temperature Control.
  • Automatic Shutoff Timer 
  • Popular XLR connection
  • Kevlar Sheath on Coil 
  • Please note this is for the pid control, power cord and choice of coil. 
  • Aluminum Enail Handle not Included. 


About Coil Choice:

  • 20mm Coil is for Flowerpot and 20mm Enail set ups and Bangers 
  • Flat Coil is for DCup, TBucket and Flat Coil Enail set ups and Bangers 

*Power requirements (110v or 220v) only apply to the coil.


1 - Power (Blue)
2 - Power (blue)
3 - Thermocoupler (red)
4 - Thermocoupler (black)
5 - ground (yellow)



RDK MANUAL - 1 of 3

RDK MANUAL - 2 of 3

RDK MANUAL - 3 of 3





Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Cannabis Hardware sells poor quality controller, doesn't help paying customer

I purchased a flower pot in April and in July the controller is no longer working. While the controller is still under warranty, Cannabis Hardware is making me pay to ship the faulty controller back to have it fixed and then I'll have to pay to have the controller sent back to me. At the price point of these devices, you would fully expect them to work as advertised past 4 months of occasional use, and then if they do fail, you would expect the company to show some concern for their customer and make sure there is as little inconvenience as possible. Instead I get a message that says it's under warranty from this other company we buy it from (huge upcharge I find out to) and that company makes you pay to ship your product back when it doesn't work. If this is any indication of how business is done at Cannabis Hardware I would steer clear of purchasing anything from this company. The upcharge on individual parts is the practical reason you shouldn't, and the big moral reason is that if the product they just sold you doesn't work, they are not going to care or help you out in any way with the cost. I intend on telling everyone I know that I regret purchasing from this company. I would recommend looking elsewhere.

Snir Golan
Great controller!!

So I originally purchased the CH controller because I wanted to save a bit of money and also prefer the front panel display. I really didn't realize how many cool features the Auber has that the CH didn't but once I had a chance to use the Auber, I immediately ordered one for myself. The CH is great and keeps very stable temps but I found changing the temps using the buttons to be a pain and I also didn't like how it had no auto shutoff or quick temp changes. The Auber solves all of these issue. Auto shut off gives me a bit more piece of mind and I LOVE boost mode. I have it configured to switch between low temp for longer sessions and high temp for that quick slap to the face. Changing temps manually is also super fast with the dial. Overall, super happy with the upgrade!!!

Brian B.
Great if you want to change temperatures a lot

So, I use this PID everyday, but I found that I don't change temperatures much so I could have gone with the Cannabis Hardware PID. With that said, I do really like this PID, it is built well and if you are changing temperatures a lot this is the way to go. Also, with the cover/stand it becomes more versatile with being able to set hot devices on posts on the stand. Really nice if you are trying to save space.

Very good

It works great, and is reasonably easy to change settings once you get used to it. My only suggestion would be to allow a boost mode that stores more than just two temps. You press the knob inwards to switch between two, but the ability to cycle between three or four would really "Boost" my enjoyment of this feature

Nice little pid controller

Nice pid controller. Love the bing add on aluminum cover you can get, but this does everything you basically want except for WiFi. It is the best PID controller that I have owned. It is just perfect.