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Please allow up to 3 weeks for shipping delays
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14mm Injector Style "Elev8" Glass Bowl ::CHOOSE::
14mm Injector Style "Elev8" Glass Bowl ::CHOOSE::

14mm Injector Style "Elev8" Glass Bowl ::CHOOSE::

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The 14mm "Injector" Style Elev8 Glass Bowl is perfect to pair with the CH Injector Diffuser and any other injector style device with a 18mm Injector. This is to be used with a 14mm female glass. This bowl does have a built-in glass screen. 

Mesh Screen Bowl is a custom made piece made to fit a 3/4" screen. Comes with a 3/4" Stainless Steel Screen.

Customer Reviews

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Kevin Jones
Two. Glass screens.

Highly disappointed in the quality of both screens, compared to the one that came with the vape unit. Both screens have approximately half of their holes missing as in you can’t even get a sewing needle in them For a screen to work, It actually has to have holes in it.

Yehuda Feldbaum
The Best

The best for me

works ok

It works pretty well once you find the right temp. Seems to need a little more heat than the shovelhead bowl to achieve similar results. Not a fan of the glass screen. If you throw another screen in there it gets too restrictive for me. I just poke the holes when they get plugged up and that works fine. Comparing the Injector to the Shovelhead I slightly prefer the Shovelhead

Cool Quality

It’s really good.
Quality glass.
Vapes nicely.
It’s cool.

no good

Très mauvais bol sauf pour Dab, trop petite quantité de Weed, la grille qui bouge au moindre mouvement ce qui sali tout, donc je l'ai remplacé par 1 bol Herborizer et la je suis OK je le recommande.