This page represents the different platforms for concentrates that we feel are exceptional options for dabbers. From the affordable Galaxy Quartz Enail bundle, and TBucket Titanium E-Bangers to the mighty Tsunami, all-in-one desktop vape. There is something for everyone!

Tsunami Vaporizer

Available in two electronics options, Max Vapor and NewVape, the Tsunami features adaptability for Puffco Peak, Focus V Carta, HydraTube and a Whip Adapter for ultimate flexibility. It is based on a stable flat coil platform that creates more power than you will ever need, unlike most all-in-one units in the market. This will last you forever. 

TBucket E-Bangers

These E-Bangers are designed and manufactured in our shop in Boynton Beach, FL. They feature Grade 2 Titanium Construction and they work with 30mm dishes. Choose between SiC and Sapphire for transparent flavor transfer!

Galaxy 25mm or 35mm Quartz Banger 

Perfect bundle for the beginner dabber. If you are considering getting into concentrates on a budget, then look no further. This affordable solution includes everything you need, just add your concentrates!