Tsunami Premium Kit (8020)
Tsunami Premium Kit (8020)
Tsunami Premium Kit (8020)
Tsunami Premium Kit (8020)
Tsunami Premium Kit (8020)
Tsunami Premium Kit (8020)
Tsunami Premium Kit (8020)
Tsunami Premium Kit (8020)
Tsunami Premium Kit (8020)

Tsunami Premium Kit (8020)

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The Tsunami is the newest addition to our line of high end desktop vaporizers within the cannabis hardware industry. It is a durable and stable solution to those "portable" glass collectors that are looking for a desktop platform that will last forever. This system runs on a PID/flat coil platform. No more replacing atomizers or flimsy parts. 

This system includes the T-Bucket Banger system which is an all Grade 2 Titanium system that includes a 30mm bucket that will fit your favorite 30mm dish (TBucket glass joint not included)

Includes a 14mm and 18mm HydraTube Adapter

  • Universal Carb Cap with Insulated Scoop Dabber Handle (7027)
  • 13" Laser Cut Foam Insert for 8016 (3120)
  • 13" Weather Proof Case (9200)
  • 18mm HydraTube Style Glass (9403)
  • Tsunami "HydraTube" style Adapter (3330)
  • 18mm Banger Connection (3234)
  • 30mm SiC Dish (3232)
  • 8" CH Logo Dab Mat (9380)
  • Tsunami Body - NV PID (3276)

NewVape Tsunami Instructions

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Daniel Goodman
MaxVapor Tsunami

I bought this for myself as a treat last year. I went all out and bought all the additional accessories including the sapphire dish, peak adaptor etc..for the MaxVapor version. If you like dabbing this is an amazing device. Amazing clean hits, super tasty and really easy to use. Just switch on, set desired temp, which it will stick to after you have switched it off it will revert to the last temp setting so for me this is ideal as I mainly like to dab at low temps. Also, really easy to clean, the heat shield is excellent. I have a couple of friends who have the tbucket and have some hard core burns from accidentally touching them. So far I reckon the shield has stopped 90% of the burns. The rest come from accidentally touching the carb cap after use. I like to clean it after each use whilst its hot as its easiest to clean then, but am often high as hell and end up touching the cap and burning my finger.

Aside from this, I have used this desktop vape every day since I have bought it. Have even taken it to a few friends houses for sessions. Best desktop dab rig by a mile, built like a tank and looks amazing as well.

The three main suggestions I would have for improvement:
1. Slightly deeper insert, just a couple more mm would make all the difference to the spillage and allow for bigger dabs and less overflow into the bucket without disruption to the airflow
2. 30mm tbucket AIN insert
3. some way of using the Tsunami to also vape flower, like the flowerpot, with concentrate at the same time. I understand you were working on something like this but never progressed it. Would in my opinion make this the ultimate number one device in the market and I would love to buy this add on accessory

Volcano Killer

This is the best desktop vaporizer/dab rig on the market. It is beautifully designed and built to last. I use mine with the older style hydrotube glass and leave it on 24/7. I have tried almost every other premium device on the market and this one out preforms them all. I will be buying another one for my brother to get him to stop combusting. 11/10 would recommend to anyone looking for the best dabbing experience!

Not worth the price

It's a good product but needs improvement. When you connect the whip to it it doesn't swivel so it kinks up very easily. You need to make an attachment that lets the whip swivel 360 degrees. Putting the dab in the dish and then having to grab the glass that you are using is a pain to do if your the only one using it. Otherwise you have to have a person next to the device to put your dab in and qtip it when done. So if alone you have to load the dab and put the carb cap on and then grab the glass you are using and a lot of the time it kinks up and blocks the flow so you have to deal with that. It's just awkward to use. When using the hydrotube you have to stand up or crouch if you don't have a table that is high up. Either that or you can try picking up the entire device, just don't burn yourself!. It's easy to burn yourself because the heat shield doesn't cover the bottom. So you can go to pick it up and easily burn yourself, which I have done. Not to mention it's a bit heavy to pick up and hold and if you drop it that's not gonna be fun...Maybe I'm being nitpicky but I spent $1300 on this so I'm gonna be like that. Definitely not worth the money I paid for it. The taste of concentrates is great on this but a redesign is definitely needed. It's the most impractical vape I've ever used. Another thing is the buttons on the controller are difficult to press. You have to hold onto the device with one hand and press the buttons with the other. If you don't you will end up pushing the device over or moving it with your hand that you use to press the buttons.

I would recommend trying the device with a different style hydrotube, the different angle and hight will change the usability of the device. The swiveling whip suggestion is logged and will be monitored for additional customer's interest. If we receive a lot of feedback and make a prototype this customer will be first in line for r&d testing and a free part.

Thank you for the business and willingness to help us evolve our products.