TCup Dual-Purpose Extraction System

Welcome to the TCup page (short for terp cup). The TCup is our latest all-in-one extraction device that leverages what we've learned about ball heater technology and the reliability of the enail PID's. This new eco system offers support for both flower and concentrates, separate or together.

The main design objective of the TCup was to consolidate the enail, banger, nail, and bubbler into one, standalone desktop device with a heat shield. It's important for customers to understand the benefits of the TCup lie in reduced wires, integrated heat shield and a single consolidated device.

It's not intended to, nor will it outperform the stand alone B1, B2 or the T-bucket systems. The air flow and flavor profile of the flower chamber can be customized by varying the diameter and material of the balls. The dabbing surface can be customized with a SIC or Sapphire dish. We are eager to support all new types of glass connections and will fast track all development efforts.

The TCup works with all modern glass connections like Puffco Peak, Carta, and hydratubes. There are many hydratube glass manufactures currently blowing glass that will interface with the TCup. However we feel the best glass has yet to be crafted for the TCup.

There are no current plans to produce a battery version.

We hope it becomes a platform / ecosystem for the industry to embrace and build around. ~Edwyn  



TCup Dual Purpose Extraction System


  • Made in Boynton Beach, Florida, USA
  • Vape Flower & Dab Concentrates Separately or Together
  • Use with any Peak, Carta, Hydratube glass or use with a whip. 
  • Taste your cannabis like a true connoisseur
  • Offers consolidated and safe 24hr use thanks to Heat Shielding. 
  • No messy wires and cables. 
  • Features ball platform (use 3mm or 4mm ruby balls) to customize airflow.
  • Use with SiC or Sapphire Dish.