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"Tailgate Edition" 12 volt Enail System

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Want to take your party on the road? Look no further than FlowerPot's mobile-friendly 12-volt Enail system! This vape kit includes a coil with a controller, making it perfect for those who vape on-the-go. Our system covers you whether you at a tailgate or camp in a van or RV. 

What's more, our "Tailgate Edition" Single Enail Controller and Coil heats up quickly and is compatible with both 20mm and flat coil styles. It draws approximately 8.3 amps of current and works with Flowerpot and TBucket.  Plus, our warranty covers the controller for 1 year, while the coil is covered for 30 days.


It's important to note that the enail controller/coil combo only works with each other and is not interchangeable with our standard coils. Using the controller with standard 110v power outlets will damage your unit and coil and pose a hazard. Therefore, it's crucial to remember not to use the unit while your vehicle is in motion.

In conclusion...


7034 Enail System Includes:

  • Tailgate Edition Controller (9411)
  • 20mm "12v" Enail Coil is used for FlowerPot (9409)
  • 12 volt Power Supply for vehicles "cigarette lighter" power outlet. 


7044 Enail System Includes:

  • Tailgate Edition Controller (9411)
  • 12v Flat Enail Coil is used for TBucket (9410)
  • 12 volt Power Supply for vehicles "cigarette lighter" power outlet. 

Safety Instructions:

DO NOT use product for burn offs.

DO NOT use above 700 degrees.

DO NOT leave unattended.

ALWAYS use on hard, flat, level surface.



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K m

It seems to be pretty good quality and it looks good it takes a lot longer to get to operating temperature than a ac pid and doesn't recover very quickly between hits. It might be a little slow but it will get the job done.