30mm Sapphire Dish (9365)
30mm Sapphire Dish (9365)

30mm Sapphire Dish (9365)

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Sapphire dishes are considered the pinnacle of the modern day dab surface. The hardness and durability of sapphire is what prevents the surface from being impregnated and degrading flavors. This sapphire is lab grown from the same supplier that makes bezels for rolex watches. 

THERMAL SHOCK WARNING: Do not expose your HOT Sapphire dish to cold water. It will crack!

||Clean with dry QTip while it is hot!||

Sapphire dishes are susceptible to thermal shock.  Do not add water or cleaning solutions while hot or use any metal without pre warming them.  This is a specialty product, not for everyone.  The main cause of breakage is not knowing how to handle it correctly.

Please understand that all sales are final and there are no returns or warranty claims on these sapphire dishes.

About the Sapphire Dish. 

  • 30mm Outside Dia
  • Incredible Flavor Transfer
  • Fits DCup, T-Bucket, Tsunami, and CCA710 Liger Air 
  • soak in warm dish soap water and wipe clean. 


Customer Reviews

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As good as it gets

These sapphire dishes are the best you can get as far as dab surfaces go. I also have the SiC dishes and they are very good, just not quite as nice as the sapphire
As they say in the collectable business, you pay dearly for that last 10% of quality. You get what you pay for with these. I don't do anything stupid that would crack one. I'm not into the q-tip after every dab thing, I have a few dishes and swap them out when they need it. I use Simple Green Crystal on them, soak them for awhile, and rinse them out. Works great!

Zach Hyder
Best Dish for the TBucket

I have had the sapphire dish for the TBucket for over 2 months now. It is a life changer. It is super easy to clean. I put it in distilled water over night and in the morning I spend no more than 1 minute to q tip it clean and it’s brand spanking new again! It also cleans up super nicely after immediate use with a dry q tip. I highly recommend it. I have two sic dishes and I haven’t used either since I have gotten the sapphire dish.