Pax 2 & 3 Vented Oven Lid with Pusher screw (2857)
Pax 2 & 3 Vented Oven Lid with Pusher screw (2857)

Pax 2 & 3 Vented Oven Lid with Pusher screw (2857)

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  • Vented Oven Lid and Pusher Now Connected 
  • Optimize the Vaporization Process 
  • Conserve Your Materials 
  • Increase Airflow in Your Pax 
  • Integrated Removal Notch 
  • Improved Ease of Use
  • Pusher not included


Vented (2857)

Customer Reviews

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Hidden benefits

Works as designed, a nice addition to the Pax for the price. The screw conducts heat well so full chamber packs have better heat distribution. All chamber packs burn better than with the standard pieces, and the adjustable nature of the additional pusher make it so you can load up any amount and get a good precisely tamped pack.

Have had it for years.....greatest thing ever, better than the new one which is two pieces.
100% better than the one Pax has which is two separate pieces which fall on the floor.

Hands down the greatest lid compared to anything else out there. Free flowing air, and one piece with easy adjustment. Too bad it is always out of stock.

Greg Monday
Not what I expected

I use my pax3 daily and thought that the vented oven lid with pusher would make it easier to use. Far from it I find it difficult to use because of the magnets in the lid. I use the vented oven lid with budkups far the easiest and most efficient method of use.