B2 Nut (3407)
B2 Nut (3407)
B2 Nut (3407)
B2 Nut (3407)
B2 Nut (3407)
B2 Nut (3407)
B2 Nut (3407)

B2 Nut (3407)

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The B2 nut solves the issue of having to stuff a Ti screen into the Dab Top. 

It prevents Quartz balls or any other pearl from exiting through the intake hole.

  • Grade 2 Titanium
  • Prevents balls from exiting through the intake hole. 

About the baller:

Introduced in Aug-2021 The Baller is the newest head designed for the flowerpot ecosystem.

We started with the legendary Vrod head and machined away the inside to accommodate 58 Quartz 4 mm spheres. This design more than doubles the heater's surface area.

Instead of the straight air channels found in the Vrod, the balls create an obstructed air path forcing the air around the balls resulting in better efficiency.

You are able to customize your experience by using different material balls that are widely available. (Ruby, Sapphire, Quartz, SiC)

Using different size, shape, and material balls will change the flavor and performance of the head.


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Because of Troy, I own this.

Thanks Troy 👍

David Matheson
Keeps the balls in

Just what's needed to prevent spilling the rubies. I do wish the deuce style cap would fit but unfortunately not enough space for air flow.

Ballin' Nut

What can I say?...other than this bad boy perfectly protects my nuts from hot balls ; )

Works great!

Works great! It’s really nice using the baller head and not having to worry about getting hot balls in ya lap! Make sure to get the deuce carb cap as well so you can still treat yourself to some sweet sweet double deckers 🤤

Josh G
Use at 660 degrees

Hey there in a earlier review I said I use my 82 filled 4mm sic filled baller head at 680 degrees, it is actually 660 degrees, down form 711 degrees quartz. The baller nut is so cool allows for 82 sic Terp pearls in the original baller head. Really love. Really great product and company. Works great. Can do a 1-2 hit flower wonder.Super nice.