FlowerPot Pro Extraction System (8040)
FlowerPot Pro Extraction System (8040)
FlowerPot Pro Extraction System (8040)
FlowerPot Pro Extraction System (8040)
FlowerPot Pro Extraction System (8040)
FlowerPot Pro Extraction System (8040)
FlowerPot Pro Extraction System (8040)
FlowerPot Pro Extraction System (8040)
FlowerPot Pro Extraction System (8040)
FlowerPot Pro Extraction System (8040)
FlowerPot Pro Extraction System (8040)

FlowerPot Pro Extraction System (8040)

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The Flowerpot Pro our first all-in-one unit designed for you to get the most out of your flower and your concentrates. 

This product is not guaranteed to out perform any version of FlowerPot, TBucket, Tsunami but it is meant to provide a consolidated and safe cannabis station, with no clutter and the ability to be left on for extended periods of time. 

The unit spawned from what the Tsunami did for concentrates, it created a platform that was efficient, versatile and safe thanks to the in-house designed heat guard. 

The Flowerpot Pro takes the best elements of a built-in enail like the Tsunami, the versatility of changing glass rigs and the best elements from the FlowerPot to deliver uncompromised flavor and exceptional extraction. 





- Made out of 6061 Billet Aluminum

- Adapters available for Peak, Carta and HydraTube, or use with Whip. 

- Custom heater assembly exclusive to the Flowerpot Pro. (not swappable with B1 or B2)

- The FP Pro flower head is designed with terp pearls in mind

- 28mm Sic or Sapphire Dishes for great tasting dabs. 

- Proprietary scooper for loading flower

- Built-in Enail Controller and 20mm Coil

- Heat Guard for safe 24 hour use

- Extract Flower, Concentrates or BOTH!


  • FP Pro Device Housing (3381)

          - XMT PID Module with Built in Solid State Relay (SSR) (9389)

          - Prewired Rocker Power Switch (9430)

          - Custom Baller Dab Top with Screen (3381-B2)

          - 20mm Coil (9322-US)

          - FlowerPot Pro Heat Shield (3381-HS)

  • Hydra tube adapter (3330)
  • 4mm Ruby Balls (9422-4MM)
  • 28mm Sic Dish (9264)
  • B2 Nut (3407)
  • 18mm Banger connection (3234)
  • Hydratube - style Glass Rig (9403)
  • FP Pro Bowl with Cocobolo Handle and Screen (7016)
  • Universal Carb Cap (3288) with Cocobolo Handle (9423)
  • 13" Weatherproof Case (9200)
  • Custom Laser Cut Foam Insert (3285)
  • Stundenglass Whip and corresponding adapter (9427-3415)
  • CH Dab Mat (9380)
  • Available in 110v only Shipped with US Power Cord. (9250)



Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great all in one rig

Already own a B2, and this is similar. I like the compact footprint. It took my a bit to get it dialed in, but for me, I have learned that a little heat soak of the bowl delivers amazing results. It’s the glass is good, but lien they say, I think there is better out there. Using the hip delivers a pretty cool look experience. Having this hooked up on a table next to me is potential for problems. At first I thought this was a lot of money for the unit, but when I consider how much I bought for the B2 kit up front, and how much I’ve spent on glass, it’s amazingly not that different. It’s one that I’ll be happy to park on for a long while

Amazing craftsmanship and flavor

If you are looking for an impressive machined centerpiece this is it!
Hits are smooth and big!

Dry herb I go through .2g pack in 1-2 hits.
Dabs are decent flavor is there.

FPP is now my all time favorite, nothing compares in my collection.

I have all the heavy hitters and prior to the buying FPP (Flower Pot Pro) i was using the B1 and B2 baller heads. I have been using the flowerpot system for over 5 years and its my daily driver for desktop. I did get a hybrid along with many many many other desktop vapes but i end up parking them and going back to B1 and B2. If you take a look at my instagram (uncle_against_combustion) you will see what is in my collection that i am comparing against to make this statement.

CH team states on website and constantly repeat that this device does not out preform B1 and B2 and it was never their intension (excuse me Chris and Ed if i quote wrong). CH was targeting an all in one baed on flowerpot systems. However IMO they achieve that and MORE, this is a refinement and again this is purely my opinion. Here are some of my opinions;

- The taste is even better than on the flowerpot, perhaps it the vapor path and i can easily use without water very smooth and full of flavor but this alone would not be enough to warrant a upgrade unless you are passionate like me.
- The effects should be the same or similar, BUT IMO they are better, they hit you better, i have a friend also got one and confirms and i think its the hybrid heating that occurs with the closed bowl rather than just putting a coil with B1 head on a bowl. This to me is one of the game changers, the bowl or the tea cup vs the shovel head. Shovel head fits on a bong, the tea cup sides into the FPP like an espresso machine for a perfect extraction.
- Smooth, its smoother, you get a thicker cloud which is fluffy and smooth, it should be the same but its not. this is subjective, could be the temp so dont use this to judge but even after 4 days testing i still find this to be true. Like to see what others say!!
- Its so neat on the table, no wires no clutter, i am OCD so it makes my mood better just looking at it, i can clean up my vape station and have it sitting there to take hits as i need to medicate.
- with the smaller bowl compared to the flowerpot shower-head, its even easier to micro dose but get a very satisfying hit without having to turn the temp way up. i am running her at 585 and very satisfied.

Overall i am so in LOVE with the FPP. I have put all other desktop devices away and seeing how long before i reach for something different.
My biggest problem is when i am out and about i want to go back home to hit the FPP!! I am addicted lol

Thanks CH for all the hard work offering such an addition to the CH family!! Thanks for all the Alpha and Beta testers, I am sure your input was valuable in making this master piece.

Joey Colon
Best of the best

I have been a might user and have smoked joints-and blunts for the past 25 years. This 4/20 I took advantage of the deals and got a flowerpot pro and a volcano hybrid. Both hit hard and I wanted them for different reasons. Needless to say the pro is my favorite vaping device of all time. The effects I feel are as if I were smoking a fatty. It’s awesome without sacrificing your lungs and longevity.

Best vape ever

I have multiple Vapes in this price range and this is by far the best vape I’ve ever used in my life so far. I have bought there other products like the original flowerpot and the the cup for dabs and liked those so much. This pro is on a whole other level. Thanks cannabis hardware for you hard work and great products. Ps if it’s sold out just keep looking or ask when they’ll have more cuz there hard to get sometimes.