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you all may know, our FlowerPot Glass Bowl have been the subject of lots of conversations on the forums. We have had a few iterations of these bowls in the past couple of years and are now finding ourselves finding yet another supplier. 

We would love to find a supplier in the U.S.A that is willing to take this on. So as our own search continues, we would like to make our proposed drawings available to anyone that is willing to give it a shot. 

The photo below shows the history of the glass bowls. 

Here are the main design criteria's. 

1) Outside Diameter  "OD" must be a close fit. This is the area that the machined Flowerpot head interfaces with and should be a close fit as possible without sticking. Our current design is based around using off the shelf 22mm thick wall tubing. 

2) Depth of titanium screen. In order to maintain consistency among FP customers we will strive to maintain 1/2" to the top of the screen. The fine grind needed for optimal vaporization requires a metal screen. The pinches in the glass bowl are only used to hold a 5/8" titanium screen. They can be substituted for easy of manufacturing. 

3) Use only 14 & 18mm ground joints 

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions! email:

If you have a friend that blows glass please forward this to him. We'd love to speak to them. 



18mm Glass Bowl Proposed Drawing


14mm Glass Bowl Proposed Drawing



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